Jackson County COVID deaths climb to 15


By: Shelia Mader

The Florida Department of Health released the latest COVID-19 numbers at 11:06 a.m. today (7/21/2020). Three additional deaths are attributed to COVID, making Jackson County’s total 15 deaths to date.

Jackson County has 887 positive test results, with a total of 76 having been hospitalized thus far. Our last number of hospitalizations at Jackson was 39.

There are 524 positive males, 344 positive females with seven unknown at this time. There are 234 blacks, 365 whites, 39 others and 237 unknown. There are 37 Hispanic with 474 not Hispanic and 364 unknown.

Corrections update available at this time shows 20 staff at ACI (Apalachee), 152 inmates with GEO (Graceville) showing 123 inmates and 12 staff. Jackson Correctional Institute has zero inmates positive and nine staff members.

The Jackson County Jail has no inmates who have tested positive with three staff members testing positive.

The latest long-term numbers we have were updated 7/20/20. Marianna Health and Rehab report 55 positive residents, 43 positive residents transferred and 67 staff members. Signature Health at the Courtyard reports two positive residents transferred and three staff. Signature Health of Northwest Florida reports seven positive residents transferred and two staff.
The Times is attempting to obtain age and gender of the 15 total deaths and will publish once we have obtained it.


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