How to finish & install wood countertops


By Danny Lipford

Butcher block is one of the more affordable types of countertop, and installing it is easy.
Once the old countertops have been removed, the new material can be cut to fit the cabinet footprint. We’re using a crosscut guide from Woodcraft to guarantee square cuts in the butcher-block material.
Next, dry-fit the large pieces on the cabinets to check the fit before applying the sink template to draw out the cutout for that fixture. We need a seam on this long counter, so we’re positioning it behind the sink where it’s less noticeable. Once the cutout for the sink is made, dry-fit it before sanding the countertops.
This butcher block is already pretty smooth, so we’ll start out with 220-grit paper and work up to 400 grit.
Next, we apply the finish, a modified Tung oil product that is applied with pads and soaks into the wood to protect it. You’ll want to apply two or three coats, sanding between coats if necessary, to simplify installation of the countertops.
We’re adding triangular corner blocks inside the cabinets. After we apply adhesive to the top of the cabinets and set the counter in place, we can drive short screws up through these corner blocks to finalize installation of the new butcher block.
In this case, we’re using the same material to create a short backsplash. This piece is simply glued in place with construction adhesive to complete the installation.
Watch the video for details.
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