How to enlarge a hole in wood


By Danny Lipford
A hole saw is a perfect tool for drilling large-diameter holes. The challenge comes when you have a small hole you want to enlarge.
The hole saw won’t work because the pilot bit has nothing to bite into, so it will rattle around and leave you a really ragged cut.
The trick is to take two hole saws and mount them on a single armor, and what happens is this inner, smaller hole saw is the same diameter as the old hole and the larger hole saw is the size of hole you want to drill.
So, you just put it in there so the smaller-diameter hole saw fits right in the old hole and drill it out.
There you go — you have a nice clean hole on both sides with no problem.
Now, the only thing I want to tell you is that when you’re using this trick, it doesn’t work with every single hole saw.
First, you need either a hole saw that has the hole saws that fit onto a single fixture, or it has to be a hole saw that has elongated holes.
If you look at the bottom of the hole saw, and it has two flat sides, that’s what you need.
Watch the video for details.
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