How to build a wood pergola


By Danny Lipford
Building a pergola is a great way to provide some shade in your yard while allowing air to circulate. Here’s how to do it:

Set Arbor Posts: Use a post hole digger to dig holes in the ground and set 6-by-6 pressure-treated wood posts in concrete. Check local building codes to make sure the holes are deep enough for your climate.
Cut Arbor Posts: After the concrete has set, use a circular saw to cut the tops of the posts at the desired height so they are level with each other.
Cut Band Joists: Miter the corners of the 2-by-10-inch band joists so the distance between the short ends of the miters is the same length as the outside distance between the posts, or add twice the thickness of the joists (3 inches) to the outside distance between the posts to find the total length of each band joist.
Attach Band Joists: Attach the band joists around the perimeter of the posts with nails or screws, so the tops of the joists are flush with the top of the posts. Reinforce the joints with galvanized lag screws and washers, countersinking the holes so the lag screws are flush with the joists.
Cut Arbor Rafters: Cut the 2-by-8 rafters to length so they overhang the band joists with a decorative ogee, or curved S-shape, cut on one or both ends.
Attach Arbor Rafters: Space the arbor rafters on 16-inch centers, and toenail the bottom of each rafter to the top of the band joists with galvanized nails. Use a string attached to the ends of the outer rafters to align the inner rafters.
Attach Stub Rafters: Position the outer rafters flush with the outside of the band joists and use 3-inch screws to attach short stub rafters to the outer rafters with the outer ends cut in the same decorative ogee design.

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