Hope School Culinary shows off their talents

    Mark Skinner | TIMES - Hope School career prep students prepared a Thanksgiving lunch for the school staff as well as the school board staff and community guest Wednesday. From the left are Ethan Hetteberg, Isaac Patrick, Jessie Wright, Alysia Lopez, Maddy Green and their instructor Paige Cavanaugh.

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner and mouths watering for some home-cooking, the Hope School Culinary team has just the right idea. Wednesday, they put on a feast for their teachers, staff, county office, school board members and friends in the community.
    As you went through the line for your meal of almond salad, spiral ham, scalloped potatoes and the best green beans around, you were greeted by smiling faces eager to serve you. There were plenty of yes, ma’ams, yes, sir and smiles the size of Alaska. For dessert they had the always popular Chocolate Delight. Both sweetened and unsweetened tea along with water was available.
    Those present enjoyed a nice visit with all who were present at their table and everyone left with a smile on their face. At one table, a happy diner said, “These young people could show some wait staff how wait on people. Not once have I heard
    ‘no problem.’
    John Brewer was one of the diners and was more than happy with his meal, “The Hope School Culinary class not only prepared a fine Thanksgiving meal but they did an outstanding job on the serving line as well seeing to everyone’s need throughout the meal. I say without a doubt, ‘Job well done Hope School!’ I am very proud of these students and the talents they displayed today.”
    Principal Millicent Braxton was more than pleased with her students, “The students worked really hard on prepping and cooking the Thanksgiving meal. They also helped prepare plates and silver ware. They were in charge of serving the meal and drinks and did a fantastic job. Congrats to our culinary kids Ethan, Jessie, Maddy, Alysia and Isaac. Also, a great big thanks to Career Prep teacher Paige Cavanaugh and paras Shauna Mills and Greta Bellamy. I am so proud of our kids and our culinary program.”
    Congratulations to these awesome students from the staff and publisher of the Jackson County Times on a job well done.


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