First appearances for Jackson County for September 17, 2021


Sabrina Neal: Battery domestic violence: Conditional release, no contact with victim.

James Cooley Jr.: Battery domestic violence: $2,500 bond, no contact with victim.

Callie Keen: Violation of conditional release- driving under the influence, driving while license suspended or revoked: No bond, do not release on violation of conditional release if felony case is taken care of before October 18.

Marquice Smith: Possession of drug paraphernalia: 30 days in the county jail with two days’ time served and a $385 fine, reduced to a civil judgment.

James Black: Fleeing and attempting to elude- $25,000 bond, reckless driving- $5,000 bond, tag attached not assigned- $2,500 bond, subject is on state probation- hold for ten days for violation of state probation to be filed.

Shon Heatrice: Violation of state probation: Arraigned today, wants public defender, no bond.

Trevor Phillmon: Abuse of child- $10,000 bond, battery domestic violence- $5,000 bond, violation of state probation- arraigned today, request public defender, no bond.


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