First appearances for Jackson County for August 26, 2021


Mathew Wiggins: Hold for Calhoun County: No bond.

Thomas Brown: Hold for Calhoun County: No bond.

Allonte Bellamy: Escape- $25,000 bond, trespass on property not a structure or conveyance- $5,000 bond, resisting an officer without violence- $5,000: Total bond $35,000, hold for 10 days for Washington County to revoke bond.

Kimberly Mincy: Delivery of methamphetamines- $25,000 bond, possession of drug paraphernalia- $5,000 bond.

Elizabeth Tindel: Sale of methamphetamines- $50,000 bond.

Grier Weakland: Child abuse: Conditional release, no contact with victim unless in compliance with Department of Children and Families case plan.

Sherri Williams: Child abuse: Conditional release- no contact with victim.

Jerry Franklin: Failure to appear- no motor vehicle registration: 10 days in county jail with two days’ time served or $400, may purge.

Stephanie Ours: Failure to appear- driving with license suspended or revoked: 30 days in the county jail with four days’ time served or $400, may purge after serving 10 days.


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