First appearances for Jackson County for August 23, 2021


John Carter: Driving while license suspended or revoked: Six months’ probation and a $400 fine.

Jenna Watson: Battery touch/strike: Conditional release, no contact with victim.

Maurice Wilson: Aggravated stalking- $5,000, resisting without violence- $2,500: $7,500 cash or surety bond, no contact with victims

Quntin Thomas: Trafficking methamphetamines- $50,000 bond, hold for Calhoun County, hold for Bay County: Hold released for Calhoun County,

Joel Wood: Battery domestic- $1,000 bond, tampering with victim deprived of 911- $3,000 bond.

Jalen Highsmith: Resisting with violence- $4,000 bond.

John Cartwright: Aggravated battery- $10,000 bond, no contact with victim, child support- $4,000 purge.

Buckie Barnes: Battery detainee on detainee: $5,000 bond.

Lavana Bolt: Battery: $1,000 bond, bring back August 24 if bond not posted.

Charles Bolt: Battery: $1,000 bond, bring back August 24 if bond not posted.

Eduardo Vicente: Failure to appear, giving false name to law enforcement officer: Four months in the county jail with 27 days’ time served, $370 fine, recommended to public works.

Judith Hamby: Violation of state probation: no bond, bring back August 24, arraigned today, request public defender.

Duan Dukes: Hold for Gadsden County- no bond, resisting officer without violence- accepted plea -90 days in county jail with four days’ time served, and a $370 fine, recommended to public works.

Darrell Grimes: Battery- no bond for ten days, hold for 10 days for Walton County to file Violation of probation.


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