First appearances for Jackson County 8/6/20


James Neskey: Driving while license suspended or revoked- $2,500, reckless driving- $2,500: Total Bond- $5,000.

William Spivey: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon- $5,000, burglary with assault or battery- $50,000: Total bond- $55,000 bond, no contact with victim unless through an attorney for eviction matters or to collect rent.

Justin Lester: Aggravated child abuse, child abuse: No bond

Hunter Martin: Two counts of battery domestic violence: Reduced to civil judgement, plead to two counts of disorderly conduct, $740 fine, one day time served.

Raphiel Perez: Hold for Osceola County: No bond, refer to Judge Peel for violation of probation.

Timothy Hall: Hold for Broward County: No bond, refer to Judge Peel, bring back August 11.

Larry Brown: Hold for Gadsden County: Bring back August 11.

Martina Tate: Resisting arrest without violence, trespass after warning, 10 day hold for Okaloosa County: Total bond- $10,000, no bond, revocation filed August 6, can post bond here.


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