First appearances for Jackson County 8/25/20


Dustin Scroggins: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked: 60 days in the county jail with two days’ time served, $400 fine, recommended for public works.

Terry Thomas: Giving false name to law enforcement officer- no probable cause, non-child support: 24 hours for officer to amend complaint.

Bryn Spivey: Principal to armed robbery- no probable cause, possession of weapon or ammunition by convicted felon: Conditional release- no contact with codefendant or victim in this case.

Mark Swearingen: Forgery and two counts of uttering a forged instrument: $1,500 bond modified to $750 cash only bond.

Joseph Hill: Hold for Gadsden County: $250 cash only bond, bring back 8/26 for first appearance.

Brandon Tyus: Violation of state probation- $2,500: Released on own recognizance- report to probation upon release from jail.


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