First appearances for Jackson County 8/20/20


Michael Matthews: Failure to appear- battery domestic violence: Reinstate bond, set aside forfeiture, October 19 pretrial, October 26 bench trial.

Morris McNealy: Burglary with assault or battery- $50,000, two counts of cruelty toward child-$10,000, battery found probable cause- $2,500: Total bond-$62,500, no contact with victims or property.

Erick Peterson: Hold for Liberty County: $25,000 bond.

Tonny Walker Jr.:  Aggravated assault- $5,000, armed trespass on property- $5,000: Total Bond $10,000, no contact with victim.

Joseph Hill: Grand Theft- three year’s state probation, hold for Gadsden County/ grand theft- $250 cash only bond.


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