First appearances for Jackson County 8/10/20


Lea Ann Farmer: Battery domestic violence- $2,500 bond, criminal mischief- no probable cause, no contact with victim.

Norris Adkins: Trespass property other than structure/ conveyance: $5,000 bond.

Octavin Davis: Violation of conditional release- civil commitment: Hearing to be scheduled for Judge Goodman.

Jason Hayes: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, out on bond: $10,000 bond on new charge, no contact with victim, bond revoked, request public defender, to be seen August 18.

Donald Smitherman: Hold for Calhoun County, nonchild support: $2,000 purge on Calhoun County, $2,981.38 purge on Jackson county.

Larry Brown: Hold for Gadsden County: $1,000 bond.

Timothy Hall: Hold for Broward County: bond to be set August 12.


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