First appearances for Jackson County 7/13/20


Norene Boyd: Battery- $2,500, Aggravated assault with deadly weapon with out intent to kill- $5,000: conditional release, no contact with victim.

Henry Mason: Driving under the influence: $2,500 bond.

Amos Rogers: Two counts of failure to appear: No bond.

Sean Ross: Failure to appear- expired drivers license more than six months: 60 days in the county jail and a $400 fine running consecutively with 60 days in the county jail and a $400 fine. eight days county time served.

Johnterris Smith: Violation of state probation, possession of a firearm/concealed weapon by a felon, shoot/throw missile into dwelling vehicle, criminal mischief more than $201 and less than $999 in damage: Hold for 10 days for violation of state probation to be filed, $62,000 bond.

James Norton: Violation of state probation: no bond, request public defender.

Terez Armstead: controlled substance possession/sell/ manufacture, giving false name, violation of state probation: No bond, $10,000, request public defender.


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