First appearances for Jackson County 6/29/20


James Spears: Concealed weapon, possession of firearm weapon by convicted felon, violation of state probation, possession of drug paraphernalia: Total bond- $22,500, No bond- ten-day hold.

Kristina Anderson: Petit theft second degree- first offense: $5,000 bond, 10 day hold for violation of state probation.

Shateryka Washington: Violation of state probation in Leon County: No bond.

Bradford Hopper: 10 day hold for violation of probation in Leon County: Can post bond if no warrant filed.

Stephanie Mitchell: Violation of injunction for protection: Bring back Thursday is still here.

James Miller: Possession of methamphetamine: $11,000 bond, hold for 10 days for Bay County to file warrant.

Cody Jones: Driving under the influence: bring back tomorrow, no bond.

Taliyah Reed: Burglary with assault: $500 cash, bonded out Saturday.


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