First appearances for Jackson County 11/23/20


Tiffany Parrish: Violation of state probation: $250 cash only bond, request public defender.

Howard Mactaggart: Indecent exposure, disturbing the peace: 30 days in the county jail running concurrently with 30 days in the county jail with three days’ time served, $370 fine, reduced to a civil judgment.

Jesse Kaufman: Violation of state probation: No bond.

Jaquon Weston: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.

Malcom Godwin: Driving under the influence- $1,500, fleeing and attempting to elude- $1,000, leaving the scene of accident- $1,500: Total bond $4,000.

Cutter Wiggins: Possession of marijuana with intent to sell: $5,000 bond.

Milton Higgins: Carrying a concealed firearm- $1,500 bond, driving while license suspended or revoked knowingly-$500 bond.


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