First appearances for Jackson County 11/03/20


Kelly Sims: Failure to appear-battery: Conditional release, no contact with victim.

Lamarious Powell: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.

Cassandra Riley: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon: Conditional release, no contact with victim, do not possess any weapons, request public defender, trial set for January 19.

Glenn Williams: Simple battery- $2,500, possession of a controlled substance- $5,000: Total bond $7,500, no contact with victim.

Melissa Cody: Possession of methamphetamines, possession of drug paraphernalia, hold for Calhoun County: Total bond: $7,500.

Brandon Pelham: Possession of methamphetamine- $10,000 bond, violation of state probation-no bond: Request public defender.


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