First appearances for Jackson County 10/16/20


Maurice Wilson: Assault: $1,000 bond, no contact with victim.

Chadwick Brannon: Violation of injunction-protection domestic violence: $5,000 bond, hold for ten days to see if violation of probation is filed.

Lamaris Jones: Failure to appear-operating vehicle without a license: 10 days in the county jail with seven days’ time served, $400 fine, may purge.

Shayla Barber: Operating vehicle without a license: six months’ probation, $400 fine, obtain valid drivers license, do not operate without, if gets drivers license within 60 days fine will be $300.

Dylan Hill: Obstruction without violence, reckless driving: 11 months and 29 days probation running concurrently with six months’ probation, $370 fine, if gets speeding citation more than 10 miles per hour over will violate probation.

Arlon Burke: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.
Cassandra Kent: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.

Jose Polnitz: Interference of custody with a minor: $5,000 bond, no contact with victims.

Christopher Cobart: Failure to appear-sexual cyber harassment: Six month in the county jail with 83 days’ time served, $370 fine, recommended to public works.

Richard Hice: Failure to appear-driving while license suspended, no motorcycle endorsement, no vehicle registration: 180 days in the county jail with ten days’ time served, $400 fine and another $400 fine, recommend to public works.

Joshua Sourbeck: change no contact order to no violent contact.


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