First appearances for Jackson County 07/07/21


Dustin Walters: Driving under the influence- $2,500 bond: Conditional release, no alcohol possession or consumption.

Erica Pittman: Hold for Calhoun County- $2,500 bond, Hold for Bay County- $2,500: Total bond $5,000.

Arturo Alomas: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked: 10 days in the county with two days’ time served, $400 fine, may purge, reduced to a civil judgement.

Samantha Long: Battery: $2,500 bond, no contact with victim.

Ashley Hop: Fugitive from justice Houston County, Alabama- No bond, resisting without violence- $500 bond, carrying a concealed firearm- $2,500 bond:

Brandon Franklin: Driving under the influence with property damage/personal injury, driving while license suspended or revoked: Set court date.


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