First appearances for Jackson County 06/28/21


Rashonda Magwood: Driving under the influence: 11 months and 29 days probation and a $1,078 fine, driving under the influence program.

Jeffrey Martinez: Fleeing/eluding while lights and sirens- $25,000 bond, driving while licensed suspended or revoked knowingly- $5,000 bond, attached license plate not assigned- $5,000 bond: Total bond $35,000, do not drive a motor vehicle while charges pending.

Darion Perry: Battery-domestic: Conditional release, no contact with victim.

David Gardner: Driving while license suspended or revoked: $3,500 bond, do not drive motor vehicle unless gets valid driver’s license.

Keanu Jackson: Fleeing/eluding from marked vehicle with lights- $15,000 bond, reckless driving- $5,000, driving any vehicle in a race on a highway, road or parking lot- $5,000: Total bond $25,000.

Richard Jolly: Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon- $7,500 bond, possession of drug paraphernalia- $500 bond: Total bond $8,000.

Brittney Simpson: Hold for Washington County: No bond.

James Ovalle: Hold for Walton County: No bond.

Devonte Deveaux: Hold for Liberty County: $1,800 bond.

Ashley Hop: Fugitive from justice from Houston County, Alabama-10-day hold, resisting officer without violence- $500 bond, carrying a concealed weapon- $2,500 bond.

Sidney Mount Jr. Violation of state probation: $1,500 cash only bond, request public defender.

Betty Jones: Battery domestic violence: $350, no contact with victim.

Carolyn McGhee: Violation of injunction: $750 bond, no contact with victim.

Tracy Walker: Failure to appear-retail theft- no bond, grand theft- $3,500 bond.

David Bradshaw: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked: 30 days in the county jail with five days’ time served, $400 fine, may purge.

Elisha Barrow: Failure to appear- petit theft: No bond, jail arraignment July 14.

Dairon Corrada: Violation of injunction- $5,000 bond, aggravated stalking- $10,000 bond, violation of state probation- Dade County- no warrant active, can post bond, no contact with victim,


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