First appearances for Jackson County 02/09/21


Darwin Valbrum: Aggravated battery with a firearm- $50,000 bond, attempted robbery with a firearm- $50,000 bond: Total bond- $100,000, arraigned today, request public defender.

Julie Arnold: Possession of methamphetamine- $7,500 bond, possession of drug paraphernalia- $3,500 bond, resisting arrest without violence- $3,500 bond: Total bond-$14,500, hold for 10 days to see if violation of probation is filed.

Jeanette Brinegar:  Violation of state probation: No bond, arraigned today, request public defender.

Antonn Brown: Driving under the influence- alcohol or drugs, refusal to submit to a driving under the influence test after license suspension: 11 months and 29 days probation, $1,078 fine.

Travis Harvey: Violation of state probation, criminal mischief: No bond, arraigned today on violation of probation and criminal mischief, request public defender

Josh Patrick: Violation of state probation, driving while license suspended or revoked- $10,000 bond:  no bond, arraigned today, request public defender, Hold for Bradford County- $1,070 purge.


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