COVID-19 update for Thursday


By: Shelia Mader

Reports were a little late coming in today but here are the newest numbers. Jackson County is four shy of 2000 positive, reaching 1996. This is an increase of 43 positive cases from Wednesday. There have been 104 total hospitalized with 24 presently in Jackson Hospital. There were three deaths reported, making the total count 46. One was an 89-year old male and the other two were 80-year old males.

There are now 21 positive cases under the age of four, an increase of four cases overnight. The 5-14 range remained at 53 positive cases with an increase of one in the 15-24, making it a total of 182.  The number of positive cases under 18 rose to 106, up four from yesterday.

Total positive cases in long-term care is 302 (these are not all active but are cumulative) and 941 reported positive total in department of corrections. Breakdown by prisons show ACI with 152 inmates positive and 25 staff.  Jackson Correctional Institute had shown no inmates positive out of 11 tests but are now showing 87 positive inmates with 114 negative tests and 25 staff testing positive. GEO (Graceville) reports 656 positive inmates with 1132 negative tests and 35 staff testing positive. Marianna Health and Rehab is not reporting a cumulative total but a current active total of one resident positive, 11 positive transferred residents and two staff members.  Chipola Health and Rehabilitation is reporting one positive and one positive transferred resident with four positive staff (cumulative total). Signature Health at the Courtyard is reporting zero residents and one staff member with a positive test. Signature Health of Northwest Florida (Graceville) reports 44 positive transferred residents and 16 staff testing positive. Sunland Marianna Facility 2 reports six positive residents and four positive staff (this is not a cumulative total). 

This is the latest update by zip codes. Please keep in mind some towns overlap into different zip codes so a town may be listed more than once. The data is coming from the state website.  32420 (Alford) 47; 32423 (Bascom/Malone) 12; 32426 (Campbellton/Jacob) 21; 32431 (Cottondale/Alford/Jacob City) 97; 32440 (Graceville/Campbellton/GEO reports through Graceville) 739; 32442 (Grand Ridge/Sneads) 52; 32443 (Greenwood) 80; 32445 (Malone/Jackson CI reports through Malone) 122; 32446 (Marianna/Greenwood/Jacob City/ACI reports some through Marianna) 372; 32448 (Marianna, Cottondale) 192; 32460 (Sneads/ACI also reports through Sneads) 236.

We have attempted to verify and re-verify these numbers. They are put in by humans however, and mistakes (like typos) happen. Calls are in place to get a breakdown of the origin of the 46 deaths in Jackson County (Facilities/home/etc) as well as criteria for day care facilities that may have positive cases.  We are also attempting to locate any information on a common source of outbreaks outside of the correctional facilities and long-term facilities.


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