By: Shelia Mader

The COVID-19 update for 7/24/2020 shows the number of positive cases up 16 from Thursday at 979. There are 13 non-resident positives with 966 resident positives. Deaths caused from COVID-19 remain at 17.

There have been 77 hospitalizations total and we were not able to ascertain a number as of today that were hospitalized. As of today, Marianna Health and Rehab is showing 62 positive cases, 43 positive cases transferred and 71 staff testing positive. Signature Health at the Courtyard is showing zero positive cases, one positive transferred and three positive staff. Signature Health of Northwest Florida (Graceville) is showing zero positives, seven positive transferred and two positive staff.

Department of Corrections at Apalachee Correctional Institute (ACI) is showing 152 inmates with positive tests, 1657 negative tests and 22 staff with positive tests. They are showing 98 medically quarantined. GEO (Graceville) is showing 131 positive cases, 1126 pending tests, 534 negative tests and 15 staff testing positive. Jackson C.I. is showing zero positive inmates, nine negative tests and 14 staff testing positive.

These numbers are taken from the Florida Department of Health website as of 10:30 a.m. on 7/24/2020.


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