COVID-19 numbers rise by 12


By: Shelia Mader

Numbers from Florida Department of Health came in at 10:00 a.m., August 01, 2020 and continues to show Jackson County numbers increasing. Positive cases rose to 1588 from 1566, an increase of 12 positives. Reports are saying there are now 13 non-residents, having previously reported 14 for some time. Jackson County’s total positivity rate is 15.8%. The death total rose by one, reaching 32. The death was an 87-year old Florida male resident who passed away on July 31, 2020.

Total hospitalizations are 91 with 23 presently hospitalized. Long-term care has reported 243 positive cases. GEO is showing 655 inmate positives with 25 staff positives. ACI is showing 152 positive inmates with 23 positive staff

The TIMES has attempted to obtain a city by city count but the website we were using is shut down (or hiding from me). We do have a zip code count and will use that until something better comes along. Once again, numbers may not tally up due to different agencies’ reporting times.
The count as of 7/31/2020 by zip code is as follows: 32423 (Bascom) 12; 32420 (Alford) 31; 32426 (Campbellton/Jacob City) 19; 32428 (Marianna) 154; 32431 (Cottondale) 71; 32440 (Graceville) 578; 32442 (Grand Ridge) 42; 32443 (Greenwood) 76; 32445 (Malone) 29; 32446 (Marianna) 339; 32460 (Sneads) 215. The dashboard has not updated by zip code for August 1.

Jackson County is showing 87 positive cases under the age of 18, with 675 negative tests out of 872 tests administered. That is an 11.4% positivity rate. We are still attempting to ascertain if any of these positives were in daycares in Jackson County, home settings or home day care-providers. They are under the control of Children and Family Services. As soon as we have answers, we will update.


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