COVID-19 numbers continue to rise


By: Shelia Mader

Numbers from Florida Department of Health came in at 10:00 a.m. and continues to show Jackson County numbers increasing. Positive cases rose to 1566 from 1553, an increase of 13 positives. Thursday’s numbers had an increase of nine. There are 14 non-residents. The death total rose by three, reaching 31, up from 28 on Thursday. Deaths were two females, both 91 years old with dates of death as 7/16/20 and 7/10/20. The date of death for the 94-year-old female was7-8-20.

In researching the youth who have tested positive in Jackson County, we obtained the following numbers. Up to age four, there have been 14 positives, 39 positives from age 5-14 and 154 positives from 15-24. We are attempting to ascertain if any of these positives were in daycares in Jackson County, home settings or home day care-providers. They are under the control of Children and Family Services. As soon as we have answers, we will update.


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