Cattlemen present for Boots on the Hill at the Capital

    Contributed - The cattlemen attending Boots on the Hill took a minute to have a little fun with Senator George Gainer. Everyone was all smiles when Senator Gainer relinquished his chair temporarily for Jackson County Cattlemen’s Association President Jeff Snell, jokingly saying “President trumps Senator”. Left to right: Mack Glass, Billy Bigham, Jan Gainer, Jeff Snell, Senator George Gainer, Nathalie Yoder, Lesia Andrews, and Lee Bigham.

    Representatives from the Jackson County Cattlemen’s Association made the trip to Tallahassee to make their needs known at the annual Boots on the Hill campaign Wednesday. Nathalie Yoder, Lesia Andrews. Lee Bigham, Mack Glass, and Jeff Snell represented the local association and discussed the list of items they felt were pertinent to the cattle industry for the legislature to address.
    Animal legislation was at the top of the list with the cattlemen saying, “Our industry takes great pride in our care of our cattle, horses, and pets of all kinds.
    Department of Agriculture Budget was another area where the cattlemen were requesting funding for Rural and Family Lands Program, for projects with the Office of Ag Water Policy, full funding of Fresh From Florida marketing and additional personnel for BMP enrollment, inspection and verification.
    UF/IFAS budget increase in Workload that funds the increase in research and extension workload demand, which pays for research scientists and extension agents.
    Rights of Nature – to support the legal rights of non-human animals, plants, rocks, earth, water, air or any other non-human inanimate object.
    Sales Tax Exemption – Cattlemen are requesting a complete sales tax exemption for building fences, but at least be able to get refunds for fence and barn maintenance and repair.
    Veterinarian medicine – Cattlemen are seeking to revise definitions relating to veterinary medical practice, to ensure that there will be no further regulations or restrictions of normal and typical animal husbandry practices and duties on a ranch.
    Water quality – The cattlemen are supporting enhancements to best management practices that incorporate the latest research findings, innovations and technologies.
    Young farmers and ranchers – The cattlemen are supporting the Create Florida Young Farmer and Rancher Matching Grant Program and Young Farmer and Rancher Advisory council within FDACS.
    Jackson County Cattlemen feel their presence on the ‘Hill” speaks volumes for their dedication to their industry and will continue to support the giving of their time and energy to lobby for what is necessary to the success of their industry.


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