Catalyst has help on the way for health care facilities


    The corona pandemic has healthcare facilities scrambling for adequate supplies most especially with regards to masks and gowns. Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tiffany Garling advised the Board of Commissioners Tuesday in their second virtual meeting that help was on the way.

    Garling said a Jackson County company was in receipt of authorization to begin producing masks that should relieve the burden off the healthcare facilities in the panhandle.

    The TIMES interviewed Jim King, Operations Manager for Catalyst Fabric Solutions, at the Marianna Industrial Park Monday morning. King said, “We just got FDA approved to do about 60,000 PPE per week. We are hoping this will inspire the community to be a part of defeating the invisible enemy. We want to get the word out because this is two-fold. We will be providing a service that will definitely benefit our community and we are going to need workers. We will be looking to hire 50 – 75 employees immediately.”  Anyone wishing to apply must do so in person. They will be available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at 3595 Industrial Park Drive in Marianna.

    King stressed that those involved will be a part of something big and this could help both the healthcare facilities and those who are needing work due to many businesses closing during the pandemic. Catalyst has been in Marianna three years.


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