Campbellton Fire Rescue relocating to Graceville – Baptist College of Florida provides new home

    Shelia Mader | TIMES - Charlie Brunner addresses the JCBOCC referencing the move of the JCFR Campbellton station

    Jackson County Fire and Rescue Chief Charlie Brunner brought good news to the table with the news of a new home for the Jackson County Fire Rescue unit that is currently housed in Campbellton. For some time, the owner of the property where the JCFR is presently house has indicated he has other plans for the property and for JCFR to be looking to relocate. Tuesday, all the pieces fell into place for the county and a new home for the JCFR station presently located in Campbellton.
    Brunner told the Board that he had been in negotiations with the Baptist College of Florida and Dr. Thomas Kinchen and that they had agreed on a Lease with Option to Purchase from the college. Brunner said the property was located at 5422 Cliff Street in Graceville and the lease would be for two years.
    Chairman Clint Pate asked Dr. Kinchen to come forward, “I want to say thank you for working with us on this building to make it possible for the ambulance to move to Graceville.” Dr. Kinchen, “We are honored to work with the county on this. We have worked several different angles in trying to get it there. I appreciate the county being patient in trying to get it there. This lease and what I think it can merge into will not only be good for them but it will be a good thing for the community of Graceville to have more county representation there. It will be a good thing for the community.”
    The motion was made to accept the lease agreement by Commissioner Willie Spires with a second by Commissioner Chuck Lockey and passed unanimously.
    The building is 5295 square feet and will be leased at $24,000 for the first two years at the rate of $1000 per month. The purchase price will be $22,000 per year for eight years and the tenant (JCBOCC) will receive credit for any lease payments.
    Brunner was pleased to be able to announce this new venture was coming to fruition, “We are grateful for the relationship with the Baptist College of Florida and Dr. Kinchen and for them providing us space that will better house our first responders. This will greatly benefit the Graceville area with the facilities GEO and Signature Healthcare since they are without a hospital now.”
    Campbellton and Graceville both have their own fire departments so their insurance rates will not be affected. The size of the building is such that it can house other government offices that would benefit the citizens of Graceville.


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