1st APPEARANCE – October 11, 2019


• Dominic Garcia: sentenced failure to appear driving while license suspended or revoked – 90 days county jail, released date 10/12/2019, served 64 days in county jail, possible early release, released today
• Kevin Pelham: fugitive from justice Geneva County Alabama – no bond
• Reginald Pittman: misuse of 911 – $5,000; fugitive from justice Lawrenceville, Georgia; violation of probation (Jackson County) – Lawrenceville, Georgia does not want, hold for 10 days for violation of probation to be filed
• Markus Merriell: simple assault – 60 days county jail, $722, county time served 1 day, recommend county jail, recommend public works
• Robert Blair: violation of state probation, arraigned today wants public defendant, Wade Owens present – admit violation of probation reprimand and reinstate on probation with same conditions
• Corey Bush: possession of burglary tools – $5,000; petit theft – $2,500; criminal mischief – $2,500; trespass – $2,500; $12,500 bon or conditional release no contact with victim
• Chasity Morgan: possession of controlled substance – $5,000, $500 cash bond or conditional release
• Carlos Geathers: violation of state probation, Wade Owens present, arraigned today wants public defendant – violation of probation dismissed, reinstated on probation same conditions


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