1st APPEARANCE – May 24, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – May 24, 2021• Donald Sparks: No valid drivers license, resist officer without violence, poss. Of cocaine, carrying a concealed firearm, poss. Of firearm by convicted felon, no driver’s license, resist officer with violence, assault or battery on law enforcement(2 counts). $55,00 bond on outstanding warrant charges, $35,00 on new charges. Violation of state probation, no bond. • Melvin Johnson: Dui and property damage. 11m, 29days probation + $1078 + Substance abuse counseling + Driving under the influence program. • Eddie Free: Fugitive from justice (Houston county, Al) waived extradition.• Christi Ward: Battery, Battery on a law enforcement, resisting arrest with violence. $5,000 bond on battery, bond revoked on others. • Samantha Lewis: Driving while suspended(knowingly), Attaching tag not assigned, poss. Of methamphetamine. Bond set at $15,000. Hold for ten days to see if Escambia county files Violation of probation warrant.• Katrina Sides: Poss. of methamphetamine, poss. Of cocaine, hold for probation violation Washington county. $15,000 bond on Jackson charges, No bond on Washington charges. • Jordan Kent: Sex offender failure to register internet identifiers(3counts), violation of state probation. $750 cash on failure to register. No bond on probation violation. Wants public defender. • Vikki Stephens: Reckless driving, poss. Of drug paraphernalia. Conditional release. 11months, 29 days probation + 473 + Substance abuse counseling.• Kuulei Bailey: Petit theft, obstruction without violence. Conditional release. Taken into custody to be seen at first appearance tomorrow. • Callie Keen: Callie Keen: Poss. Of controlled substance with prescription, poss. Of synthetic cannabinoids, DUI influence of alcohol or drugs, poss. Of drug paraphernalia. Conditional release.• Maurice Bennett: Driving while license suspended (Knowingly). Conditional release, 11 months 29 days + $400.• Charles Sharp: Non child support. Purge $3,800• James McClain: Petit theft less than $300. $5,000 bond. • Pete Roedell: Battery (domestic violence) • Nicholas Goodlet: Poss. Of marijuana with intent to sell, poss. Of cocaine, poss. Or drug paraphernalia. $30,000 bond.


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