1st APPEARANCE – May 18, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – May 18, 2021
• Starlynn Gibson: Neglect of a child(2counts), hold for Holmes county. No bond Holmes county, $10,000 on Jackson charges. Wants public defender • Greg Mattox: Grand theft. $5,000 bond, wants public defender. • Aundra’Yonna Bell: Poss. Of marijuana with intent to distribute, trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking cocaine. Bond revoked, wants public defender. • Jeremy Keene: Hold for Calhoun county. No bond. • Rory Davis: Grand theft. Criminal mischief, poss. Of methamphetamine. $1,100 cash only bond. Wants public defender. • Michael Hamilton: Fugitive from justice Houston county Al. waived extradition.• Eugene McKinnon: violation of state probation, sentenced to 90 days county jail, no bond, wants public defender.• James Peters: Violation of state probation, sex off. Failure to register to vehicle. No bond on probation violation. $250, cash only on other charge. Wants public defender.• Brittany Hileman: Hold for Bay county. No bond.• Alexander Elliott: Hold for Bay county. No bond.• Devin Ranew: Hold for Bay county. No bond.• Hali Smith: Hold for Liberty county.


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