1st APPEARANCE – March 30, 2020


Louis Turner, FTA – Battery Domestic Violence $2500 no contact with victim $2,500 bond
Michael Matthews Battery Domestic Violence $2500 No contact with victim $2,500 bond
Jarman Kilcrease, Trespass occupied Structure or conveyance, Petit theft, retail 5K $10,000 total bond no contact with store this happened at Bond $10,000
Oran Long, Aggravated battery with deadly weapon $25,000, Aggravated assault, $5,000, Criminal mischief, $2,500, Battery domestic violence $2,500 $35,000 total bond
Robert Scott, Jr. Possession of firearm by convicted felon $15,000 bond
Jonathan Aguilera, operating motor vehicle without license, $500 DUI, $1000., Failure to register motor vehicle, $500, Hold for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, No bond
Roy Collins, resisting arrest w/out violence Bond $1000, DUI, Bond $1,500, Driving while license suspended or revoked, $5,000 Bond, Failure to submit to BAL Bond $500, Violation of Probation Wakulla and Gadsden County Hold for 10 days for warrant to be filed
Charles Parmer – Violation of County Probation 120 days county jail, $300 recommend public works; county time served – 21 days
Emily Denton – DUI, driving while license suspended or revoked knowingly, Bond set $1,000, $500 $1500 total
Reuben Hill, Resist arrest w/out violence, failure to appear, False imprisonment, domestic violence by strangulation, tampering with witness, felony batter, fleeing and attempting to elude, driving while license suspended/revoked $45,000 bond no contact with victim
James Thomas, giving false name to law enforcement officer, driving while license suspended/revoked, violation of probation No bond
Melenie Pollock – Aggravated battery w/deadly weapon, violation of state probation, $10,000/ no bond on violation of state probation
Alfonzia Lewis violation of state probation No bond
Jorrian Weshey violation of state probation No bond
Jonah Taylor Fleeing and attempting to elude, driving while license suspended/revoked $5,000, $500.
Steve Boyd Violation of injunction, felony battery $5,000, $500
Ashley Mishoe Intro of contraband into detention facility, possession of meth no bond, 72-hour hold


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