1st APPEARANCE – June 23, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – June 23, 2021• Laura Lowry: Failure to appear(leaving the scene of accident with property damage, DUI with property damage, personal injury). No bond. 90 days County Jail + $1078/60 days county jail(concurrent). 3 days served, recommended public works. • Phillip Willcut: Failure to appear, Hold for Santa Rosa Co. No bond for Santa Rosa Co. 60 days county jail + $370 (21 days served) • Larry Powell: Violation of State Probation. No bond, wants public defender.• Christian Watford: Violation of conditional release. No bond, Appointed public defender• Ashley Hendrix: Burglary of conveyance, Trafficking of a controlled substance(Oxycodone), Poss. of a controlled substance(Meth), Poss. of drug paraphernalia. $67,500 bond. • Roberta Vargo: Failure to appear(battery). Plea to disorderly conduct, 6 months probation + $370.• Israel Davise: Hold for Calhoun Co. $900 Purge• Brittney Simpson: Failure to appear(driving while license suspended/revoked). 10 days county jail +$400, 4 days served. • Audre Eubanks: Felony Criminal Mischief. $500 cash only bond, no contact with victim. • Jeffery Robertson: Felony Criminal Mischief. Found probable cause to misdemeanor criminal mischief $250 cash only bond. Conditional release( no contact with victim or property)


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