1st APPEARANCE for September 12, 2022


Demetric Claiborne: Criminal mischief- $5,000 bond, 10-day hold for violation of state probation.

Abranda Ward: Possession of drug paraphernalia- $5,000 bond.

Antoin Spiller: Battery domestic violence- conditional release, no contact with alleged victim.

Ventice Mathis: Battery domestic violence- Conditional release, no contact with alleged victim.

Tasha Moneyham: Knowingly driving while license suspend or revoked- $2,000 bond.

Orlando Vazquez: Operating a motor vehicle without a license: Sentenced to 10 days in jail with a $400 purge.

Travis Green: Battery, violation of conditional release: no bond.

Tracy Walker: Violation of probation- no bond.

Joshua Carr: Hold for Leon County: No bond.

Cody Clemmons: Domestic battery person 65 or older: $10,000 bond, no contact order.

Joshua Crawford: Fraudulent use of credit card- $15,000 bond, dealing in stolen property- $15,000, currently in jail on other charges with a no bond and a $10,000 bond.

Scotty Williams: Possession of drug paraphernalia- $2,500 bond, trafficking in controlled substance- $50,000 bond, operating a motor vehicle without a license- $2,500 bond, tampering with evidence- $10,000 bond, possession of controlled substance- $7,500 bond.


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