1st APPEARANCE For October 20,2023


Johnny Smith Jr.: Trespassing occupied structure or conveyance- sentenced to 10 days in jail with two days’ time served and a $370 fine.

Juwon Johnson: Hold for Washington County- $4,500 purge.

Freddy Hardin: Trespass on school property with other weapons prohibited- $5,000 bond, no contact with school property.

Derek Fluker: Violation of county probation- Sentenced to six months in jail with two days’ time served and a $300 fine.

Trevor Phillmon: Possession of synthetic marijuana- no bond.

Daniel Edge: Hold for Calhoun County- no bond.

Charles Dykes: Violation of county probation- $2,500 bond.

Stevi Smith: Fugitive from justice- waived extradition.

De’Nigel Williams: Hold for Orange County- $250 bond.

Darin Summerlin: Possession of methamphetamine- $10,000 pond, possession of drug paraphernalia- $5,000 bond, driving while license suspended or revoked- $5,000 bond, no bond for Calhoun County.

Donald Bennett: Failure to appear- $2,500 bond.

Thomas Walker: Failure to appear- sentenced to 60 days with 34 days’ time served and a $370 fine.

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