1st APPEARANCE For October 18,2023


Ricki Land: Violation of court order- no bond.

Jaymes Thomas: Failure to appear- set for November 11 at 9 a.m.

Carlos Pittman: Domestic battery battery on person over 65-year-old or older- $7,500 bond, hold for 10 days for violation of state probation, no contact with alleged victim.

Donald Bennett: Failure to appear- no bond, trespass other than structure/conveyance- $2,500 bond, no contact with alleged victim.

Rosanna Richards: Failure to appear- no bond.

Chakesha Dixon: Failure to appear for false report or commission of a crime- pretrial set for November 15.

Tashiana Barnes: Violation of probation- no bond.

De’Nigel Williams: Out of county warrant- Orange County: $250 bond.

Nicholas Gomillion: Possession of marijuana over 20 grams- $5,000 bond, possession of paraphernalia- $1,000 bond: Total bond $6,000, hold for seven days for Okaloosa County.

Valerie Smith: Violation of state probation- no bond.

Stephen Smith: Violation of state probation- no bond.

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