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1st APPEARANCE for June 14, 2022


Gavin Wilson: Failure to appear for driving under the influence, driving while license suspended or revoked: Plea to reckless driving with alcohol, 30 days in the county jail concurrent with 30 days in the county jail with four days’ time served and a $1,078 fine.

Travis Harvey: Battery domestic violence- $10,000 bond, child abuse- $25,000 bond, on Jackson County probation: Total bond- $35,000, no contact with victim, hold for 10 days for violation of probation to be filed.

Mariah Dawkins: Violation of state probation- no bond, arraigned today, request public defender.

Stephon Johnson: Three counts of petit theft- $750 cash only bond, organized scheme to defraud- $1,500 cash only bond, on Jackson County bond: Total bond- $2,250 cash only, previous bond revoked.

Jaquon Weston: Battery by strangulation domestic violence- $7,500 bond, no contact with victim.



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