1st APPEARANCE for July 19, 2023


Daniel Gilley: Driving while license suspended or revoked habitual- $25,000 bond, previous bond revoked.

Michael Morris: $30,000 bond for possession of heroin, possession of buprenorphine, possession of drug paraphernalia and false identification given to law enforcement officer, $3,200 purge for nonchild support, no bonds for the holds for Holmes County and Washington County.

Jimmy Hagan: Fugitive from justice- waived extradition.

Shondra Holland: Violation of state probation- no bond, arraigned.

Jamie Orr: Hold for Calhoun County- no bond.

Jennifer Clark: Hold for Calhoun County- no bond.

Julia Campbell: Failure to appear- sentenced to a $400 fine within 60 days or 10 days in jail.

Anthony Brewer: Threats to law enforcement officer- case dismissed by state attorney’s office.

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