1st APPEARANCE for February 7, 2023


Lamarious Powell: Trespass after warning, resisting an officer without violence: Nine months in jail with public works with two days’ time served.

Stacey Hall: Violation of county probation- will be brought back.

Jagger Crovetti: Driving while license suspended knowingly- 30 days in jail with two days’ time served, 10-day violation of state probation hold.

Ricky Shrader: Resisting without violence- no probable cause, animal cruelty, domestic battery, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment: Total bond $35,000.

Elder Martinez- Tamayo: Criminal mischief- $1,000 cash bond, resisting with violence- $1,000 bond, fugitive from justice Hidalgo, Texas- no bond.

Kellie Adkins: Violation of county probation- sentenced to six months in jail with a $782 fine.


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