1st APPEARANCE for February 3, 2023


James Conway: Concealed weapon- conditional release.

James Baker: Driving while license suspended with knowledge- conditional release.

Demetrius Batson: Resisting arrest with violence- $7,500 bond.

Michael Owens: Driving under the influence of alcohol, flee/elude law enforcement officer with lights and sirens disregard to safety: $20,000 bond, no driving, no alcohol.

Andy Rhodes: Two counts of possession of controlled substance, drug paraphernalia advertise, driving while license suspended- habitual: $47,500 bond.

Willie White: No valid drivers license, violation of conditional release: Sentenced to six months’ probation and a $400 fine.

Kellie Adkins: Violation of conditional release- Sentenced to 11 months and 29 days probation with a $722 fine, no contact with alleged victim.


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