1st APPEARANCE for December 19, 2022


Dylan Jackson: Knowingly driving while license suspended or revoked- $400 cash bond.

Pierre Hayden: Felony battery by strangulation, false imprisonment: $2,500 bond.

Tracey Ramsey: Public assistance fraud- $10,000 bond.

Christopher Curran: Driving under the influence and property damage- $2,500 bond, refusal to submit to driving under the influence test after license suspension- $1,000 bond, no driving/ no alcohol.

Luis Roman: Battery domestic- conditional release, no contact with victim.

Eddie Scott: Driving under the influence- Sentenced to a $1,078 fine with 11 months and 29 days probation, driving under the influence class, 12 AA classes and 50 hours of community service.

Charlie French: Hold for Washington County- no bond.

Lynn Johns: Introduction of contraband-$10,000 bond, possession of controlled substance- $5,000 bond, no contact with any correction facility.

Derrick McCallister: Hold for Washington County- no bond.

Justin Harrison: Carrying or possessing a concealed weapon while unlicensed- $1,500 bond.

Christina Johnson: Driving under the influence- $2,500 bond

Alexis Foley: Disorderly conduct- $750 bond.

Nelwyn Luman: Violation of county probation- no bond.

Belinda Jones: Battery- $5,000 bond, violation of state probation- 10-day hold, no bond, arraigned.


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