1st APPEARANCE for April 28, 2022


Lawren Green: Failure to appear-possession of drug paraphernalia: 60 days in the county jail with 12 days’ time served and as $385 fine, recommended to public works.

Jessie Rabon: Battery domestic violence- bond revoked: Plea to disorderly conduct, 60 days in the county jail with 10 days’ time served and a $370 fine, no public works.

Freddie Jones: Violation of state probation- no bond, criminal mischief and trespass of occupied structure or conveyance- nine months in the county jail, concurrent, with two days’ time served, a $370 fine, reserve on restitution, do no use plea against him in violation of probation hearing.

John Mills: Possession of methamphetamine- $10,000 bond, violation of state probation- no bond, bring back April 29.


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