1st APPEARANCE for April 27, 2022


Adan French: Violation of county probation- driving under the influence: Admit violation, revoke probation, 60 days in the county jail with four days’ time served, recommended to public works.

Katie Armstrong: Failure to appear- possession of controlled substance methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia: No bond.

Shawaun Dortch: Robbery with a firearm- $100,000 bond, grand theft-$10,000 bond: Total bond $110,000, no contact with property where occurred, do not possess any firearms.

Efrain Olivencia: Hold for Orange County- $1,200 bond.

Edward Ward: Battery domestic violence: Conditional release, no contact with victim, May 31 arraignment, given notice to appear to conditional release officer for defendant.

Nikki Tate: Battery- $5,000 bond, no contact with victim.

Jason Donahue: Battery domestic violence, corruption by threat against public official: Plea to simple battery, corruption by threat, 11 months and 29 days probation, $722 fine, anger management counseling, no contact with victim.

Ernest Dixion: Battery on detainee, serving mandatory minimum sentence until 8/23: Arraigned today, $10,000 bond, no contact with inmate.

Michael Hillard: Criminal mischief: Did not take plea today.


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