1st APPEARANCE for April 25, 2022


Richard Adderson: Driving under the influence: $2,500 bond, do not possess or consume alcohol.

Anthony Zavorski: Driving while license suspended or revoked knowingly- $5,000 bond, 10-day hold for Marion County.

James Crimbley: Improper display of a firearm- $2,500 bond, do not possess firearms.

Brandon Laitkep: Driving while license suspended or revoked knowingly- $5,000 bond, do not drive a motor vehicle.

Jonathon Barber: Battery by strangulation, domestic violence- $5,000 bond, battery domestic violence- $2,500 bond: Total bond $7,500, no contact with victims.

Detraiveon Edwards: Lewd and lascivious battery on a minor 12 to 16 years of age: $25,000 bond, no contact with victim, no contact with anyone under 16 years old without parents’ consent.

Jonathan Faircloth: Violation of state probation, violation of state probation: For both no bond, arraigned today, request public defender.

Tammy Dixon: Trespassing occupied structure or conveyance- $1,000 bond.

Paul Waites: Possession of drug paraphernalia: Pretrial intervention for one year, $370 fine.

Michele Connelly: Hold for Liberty County- released on own recognizance, possession of drug paraphernalia- 30 days in the county jail with three days’ time served and a $385 fine, reduced to a civil judgment.

Ashley Clark: Battery, domestic- $2,500 bond.

Shelby Cook: Battery, domestic- $2,500 bond, posted bond.

Royce Peaden: Battery, domestic- $2,500 bond, posted bond.

Christian Rogers: Lewd and lascivious molestation on victim less than 12 offender 18 or older- $150,000 bond.

Leidy Querales: Possession of marijuana over 20 grams: $5,000 bond, hold for 24 hours until immigration and customs enforcement is contacted.

Jevore Smitty: Battery domestic- $2,500 bond, felony criminal mischief- $5,000 bond, false imprisonment- $5,000 bond, tampering with evidence- $5,000 bond.

Daniel Gilley: Driving under the influence, bond revoked- no bond, driving while license suspended, bond revoked- no bond, resisting officer without violence, bond revoked- no bond.

William Morris: Hold for Holmes County- $1,500 purge.

Kirk Oliver: Hold for Bay County: No bond.


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