1st APPEARANCE – December 20, 2019


• Reginald Pittman: misuse of 911 – plea, continued from arraignment 12/11/19, 71 days, 71 days county time served, $370 fine, recommend county jail if needed
• Christopher Wainwright: sentenced to 60 days release date 12/27/19, possible early release – early release for 12/24, no contact with victim, injunction still intact
• William Fortune: fugitive from justice Texas – 15 day hold up 12/21/19, Texas advised could be up to 12 working days (parole violation in Texas – to be held 30 days from 6th of December, to be released after 30 days if not picked up
• Brandon Ortega: petit theft – withhold adjudication of guilt, 6 month probation, $370, reserve restitution, retail theft program, no contact with Dollar General
• James Everett: introduction of contraband, out of county warrant Holmes County – no probable cause, but has to be picked up by Holmes County, will bring back Monday if still there, no bond
• Charles Barker: dealing in stolen property – $1,000 cash only, has hold in Floyd County, Georgia
• David Riley: contempt of court, violation of injunction – $5,999 cash or surety bond, no contact with victim


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