Home Police 1st APPEARANCE – December 20, 2019

1st APPEARANCE – December 20, 2019


• Reginald Pittman: misuse of 911 – continued from arraignment 12/11/19 – 71 days, 71 days county time served, $370 fine, recommend county jail f needed
• Christopher Wainwright: sentenced to 60 days release date 12/27/19, possible early release – early release granted for 12/23, no contact with victim, injunction still intact
• William Fortune: fugitive from justice, Texas – 15 days hold up 12/21/19, Texas advised could not be up to 12 working days (parole violation in Texas), to be held 30 days from 6th of December, to be released after 30 days if not picked up
• Brandon Ortega: petit theft – withhold adjudication of guilt 6 month probation, $370, (reserve restitution), retail theft program, do contact with Dollar Generals
• James Everett: introduction of contraband, out of county warrant (Holmes County) – no bond, no probable cause but has to be picked up by Holmes County, will bring back Monday if still there
• Charles Baker: dealing in stolen property (has hold in Floyd County, Georgia) – $1,000 cash bond only
• David Riley: contempt of court, violation of injunction – $5,000 cash or surety bond, no contact with victim



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