1st APPEARANCE – August 14, 2019

  • Emanuel Oats: failure to appear driving while license suspended or revoked – no bond
  • Anthony Russo: failure to appear organizes scheme to defraud, failure to appear contracting without license during state of emergency – no bond
  • Ted Brincefield: violation of state probation, arraigned today wants public defendant – no bond
  • Marjorie Reed: failure to appear worthless check – $461.10 – 60 days county jail or $461.10 may purge, county time served, recommend public works, recommend county jail if not paid
  • Reginald Williams: driving while license suspended or revoked – $3,500 bond
  • Rodney Rassaw: hold for Holmes County, sent to 30 days with 9 days credit on 7/26/19 – no bond


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