1st APPEARANCE – April 7, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – April 7, 2021• Cleitus Smith: Corruption by threat to public servant. Plea to assault, 60 days County Jail + $722 County time served 60 days. Recommended county jail.• Adrian Kelly: Child Abuse. $500 cash only bond. Allow contact if approved by DCF.• Alejandro Rondon: Possession of Methamphetamine($10,000), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia($5,000) Hold for bay county. $15,000. Hold for 10 days for Bay County• Austin Whitmire: Hold for bay county, : Possession of Methamphetamine($10,000), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia($5,000), Obstructing Law enforcement(Providing false name)($5,000). Hold for 10 days(Bay County). $20,000 bond on Jackson charges.• Darrell Montgomery: driving while license suspended/revoked(Habitual)($5,000). Conditional Release.• William Axtman Jr: Violation of county probation(no valid drivers license) Admit Violation of probation, 30 days county jail OR $415 may purge. County time served 4 days.• William Branham: Hold for St Lucie County. No Bond• Kayla Cowan: Hold for Bay County. No Bond


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