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1st APPEARANCE – April 5, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – April 5, 2021

  • Elian Reyes: Hold for Bay County, Fleeing/eluding Lawn enforcement officers($25,000), Reckless Driving($5,000), Resisting without violence($5,000). No bond for 10 days for bay County, $35,000 Bond on new charges.
  • Billy Wyman: Aggravated assault with firearm($5,000). $5,000 Bond Wants public Defender.
  • Laron Holland: Failure to appear, Driving while license suspended/revoked(no bond), resist officer without violence(No Bond), Fleeing attempting to elude Law enforcement officers($5,000), possession of drug paraphernalia($5,000), resist officer without violence($5,000). $25,000 bond, wants public defender.

Out Of custody Returning to 1st appearance:

  • Kandi Lee: Battery(Domestic). Conditional Release
  • Marcelino DeJesus: No drivers license. $400 cash bond, bonded out.
  • Jazie Hearns: Driving with expired license more than 6 months. 6 months probation $400, get drivers license fine will be $300.

In custody not returning to 1st appearance:

  • Kristina Jones: No valid driver’s license($2,500), possession of controlled without prescription($5,000), Possession of drug paraphernalia($2,500), Hold for Calhoun County. Total Bond $10,000

In custody returning to 1st appearance:

  • Candace Tharp: Violation of state probation,. No Bond, wants public defender.
  • Clinton Hall: Assault domestic violence(no probable cause), Criminal Mischief($5,000), Possession pf marijuana less than 20 grams(no probable cause), Violation of state probation(No Bond). Wants Public defender.

Out of custody returning upon notice:

  • Tamela Eubanks: Neglect/failure to protect($5,000), Tampering with evidence($5,000). Bonded out 4/2/21
  • Willie Harris: Failure of sex offender to properly register upon vacating residence($2,500), Fail to comply with sex offender register require($2,500). Bonded out.



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