1st APPEARANCE – April 26, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – April 26, 2021• Devon Williams: 10 days County jail( 3 served) + $370 • Davida Brannon: Failure to appear(Bomb threat false report), No Bond• Connith Harris: Resisting without Violence, Assault law enforcement officer, poss. Of controlled, introduction of contraband in a detention facility, trespass after warning. $17,500 Bond.• Eugene Mckinnon: Driving while license suspended(knowingly), Violation of state probation. 90 days county jail( 2 served) + $400• John Lipford: Disorderly conduct, poss. Of drug paraphernalia. 60 days County jail + $385• Lillian Grantham: Poss. Of methamphetamine. $5,000 bond. Conditional release• Michael Dempsey: Fugitive from justice(alabama). No Bond, needs to sign waiver.• Marion Collins: Violation of state probation. No Bond• Billy Smith: Trespass structure or conveyance. $1,000 bond• Jeffery White: Domestic Violence(battery), Resisting without violence. $2,000 Bond.• Calvin Bruce: Fugitive from justice(TN). $24,000 bond.• Sidney Mount: Non Child Support. Purge set at $3,500


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