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Update on Shack Circle homicide

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Captain Virgil Watson held a press conference at 9 a.m. Thursday morning in reference to the homicide investigation of Patricia Shack, 65-year old female, “On Tuesday March 5 the sheriff’s department got a call just shortly after 5 a.m. of a possible deceased person at 2880 Shack Circle.  Officers arrived there and they found her, she was laying in the bed.  She was, at this time, what looks like was a single gunshot wound. At that time, we roped off everything and call FDLE. They assisted us in the lab, they processed the scene and at that time after the scene was cleared, we started running down leads. This residence is off the main road, it’s obscured by trees so we canvassed the neighborhood but of course we haven’t found anybody that has seen or knew anything yet. We’ve had investigators go to Tallahassee, Dothan, Panama City to follow up on leads. At this time, we don’t have any suspects. We would ask that anyone that has any information please call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.”

Watson advised that a family member found the victim. In reference to a question if the family member was in the home at the time, Watson said, “Yes, the family member thought it might have been a suicide but then they heard something run out the door.” He advised that no run has been found. Watson said at this time it appears to be a single gunshot wound and won’t know anything further until FDLE finishes processing. He said robbery doesn’t appear to be the motive. 

Watson stressed that they needed the public’s help and if they have any information that will assist, to please contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at (850)482-9664.  

Sneads competes in Maclay Track Mini Meet 1

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The Sneads Pirates traveled to Tallahassee to participate in the Maclay Mini Meet 1. Overall the Pirates had a solid day at the track.

In the varsity boys 100-meter dash finals, senior Courtavious Garrett finished in first place with a time of 11.52. Spencer Holden came in eighth, finishing in 12.31. Donte Holden placed 21st with a time of 13.20, followed by David Slaughter in 24th with a time of 13.92.

In the varsity boys 200-meter dash finals, Donte Holden came in 8th with a time of 25.86. Dallas Tyler finished 12th in a time of 26.45 and right behind him in 13th was Spencer Holden, finishing in 27.39. David Slaughter finished 21st with a time of 29.82.

In the varsity boys 1600-meter run finals, Marque’ Deveaux came in 12th, 6:02.34. Christian Harrell placed 16th with a time of 6:24.75, followed by Anthony Moran in 17th with a time of 6:33.20. Lane Ozburn Tyus came 19th with a time of 6:38.77.

In the varsity boys 4 x 400-meter relay finals, the Pirates placed third with a time of 4:16.47.

In the varsity boys long jump finals, Courtavious Garrett finished in the top spot. In fourth was Spencer Holden with Donte Holden in sixth in ninth was David Slaughter.

In the varsity boys’ discus finals, Austin Moody placed 16th with a 51-09.75, followed by Christian Harrell in 17th with a 51-10.75 and Gavin Kellehere in 18th with a 51-08.50.

In the varsity girls 100-meter dash finals, Ja’Kyria King placed eighth with a time of 14.54.

In the varsity girls 200-meter dash finals, Lexi Brown came in fourth with a time of 29.62. Majiyah Garrett placed eighth with a time of 31.28. finishing in 18th was Amari Webster with a time of 34.62.

In the varsity girls 4 x 400-meter relay finals, the Lady Pirates came in fourth with a time of 5:39.62.

In the varsity girls long jump, Alexis Moneyham came in third with a 66-09.50. Katana Leasman was right behind her in fourth with a 59-01.50. Allison Dougherty finished seventh with a 40-03.75. Mandy Dudley came in eighth with a 37-10.25.

Area teams compete at the Bay High School north Florida Invite

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The Graceville Tigers and Marianna Bulldogs track teams made the trip to Panama City to take part in the Bay High School North Florida Invite. Both teams had a successful day at Tommy Oliver Stadium. 

In the boys 100-meter dash finals, Marianna’s Damone Rolle came in first with a time of 11.21, followed by teammate Shemar Kelly in second with a time of 11.33. Abel Smith from Marianna came in fourth with a time of 12.15.

In the boys 1600-meter run finals, Graceville’s Timothy Bowden came in 16th with a time of 5:46.06, with teammate Eladio Ramirez in 22nd with a time of 6:28.64. Jeshaiah Dixon from Marianna placed 25th with a time of 6:48.42.

In the boys 3200-meter dash finals, Graceville’s Eladio Ramirez placed seventh with a time of 12:25.61. 

In the boys 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles finals, Xavier McKinnie from Graceville placed 10th in both races. In the 110-meter he had a time of 24.31 and in the 300-meter he finished in 1:09.95.

In the boys sprint medley relay finals, Graceville placed eighth with a team time of 4:34.72. Marianna came in ninth with a time of 5:01.61.

In the boys long jump finals, Marianna’s Emman Williams placed seventh with a 18-07.25, followed by teammate Abel Smith in ninth with a 18-07.25. Elijamiah Peterson from Marianna came in 11th with a 18-04.75. Graceville’s Damion Robinson finished in 23rd with a 15-03.75. Demarius Finklea placed 26th with a 14-02.50, with teammate Jekil Waters in 27th with a 14-01.75. Graceville’s Iverson Mouzon came in 32nd with a 11-10.50.

In the boys triple jump finals, Elijamiah Peterson from Marianna placed seventh with a 37-05.25, followed by teammate Damion Robinson in 11th with a 34-00.25. Marianna’s Emman Williams finished 18th with a 29-08.25. Jekil Waters from Graceville came in 20th with a 26-09.75.

In the boys discus finals, Marianna’s Markevar Hunter finished in the sixth spot with a 100-08.25. Amarion Pittman from Marianna came in 12th with a 62-02.00.

In the boys shot put finals, Graceville’s Demica Myrick came in eighth with 35-09.25. Marianna’s Markevar Hunter was right behind him in ninth with a 35-04.00. In 11th place from Graceville was Jimmy Price with a 34-04.50. Amarion Pittman from Marianna finished in 20th with a 31-09.50 and in 26th from Graceville was Andre Johnson with a 28-00.50.

In the girls 100-meter dash finals, Taniya Jones from Marianna finished in the top spot with a time of 13.49. Emilyann Roulhac from Marianna came in ninth with a time of 14.72 and in 11th was teammate Chayonna Moore-Nelson with a time of 15.11. 

In the girls 1600-meter run finals, Laynie Smith came in 18th with a time of 7:38.95.

In the girls 3200-meter dash finals, Marianna’s Lauren Locke came in third with a time of 12:39.80.

In the girls 4x 100-meter relay finals, Marianna came in third place with a time of 54.93.

In the girls 4 x 200-meter relay finals, the Lady Tigers placed fourth with a time of 2:01.37. the Lady Bulldogs were right behind them in fifth with a time of 2:03.75.

In the girls sprint medley relay finals, Marianna came in ninth with a time of 5:58.65. 

In the girls 4 x 800-meter relay finals, the Lady Bulldogs placed ninth with a time of 14:35.15.

In the girls long jump finals, Dayonna Smith from Graceville finished 16th with a 12-11.00, followed by teammate Niyaa Martin in 17th with a 12-09.50. Dekajah Robinson from Graceville came in 21st with an 11-10.50.

In the girls triple jump finals, Graceville’s Macy Laster came in 13th with a 27-08.75. 

In the girls discus finals, Kendra Caldwell from Marianna placed fourth with a 75-00.50. Kezia Young from Marianna came in fifth with a 71-00.25. In 10th was Graceville’s Aliyah Wilburn with a 58-10.75 and in 13th was Victoria Hewett from Marianna with a 52-09.50.

In the girls shot put finals, Marianna’s Brianna Hall came in second with a 31-06.25. Kezia Young from Marianna finished sixth with a 29-10.7, followed by teammate Kendra Caldwell in eighth with a 28-08.50. Keshara Daniels from Graceville placed 13th with a 27-06.75. Fellow Lady Tiger Aliyah Wilburn finished in 18th with a 24-07.25. Marianna’s Victoria Hewett placed 22nd with a 22-09.50 and in 32nd was Graceville’s Mataysha Watson with a 13-04.25.

Jack Robert Brown - Friend to all

Jackson County had a very rough week last week with the loss of three of their finest citizens. One of those was Jack Robert Brown who passed away on February 27 in Tallahassee.  He and his wife Dru had relocated there due to damage from Hurricane Michael to their home in Marianna. 

Although Jack would tell you he was not a born in Marianna, it was indeed his home. He went to school here, graduated from Marianna High School and returned here after college to raise his family.

Brown was well known as a star athlete while attending MHS.  He was an integral part of both the basketball and football team.  As an adult he was a successful businessman in many endeavors and served as a mentor to many due to his expertise in the business world. 

Jay Mitchell James was one such individual that gives Brown praise for having come into her life, “There are really no words that would be amazing enough to describe Jack Robert Brown, Jr. He wore many hates in my life, father, best friend, mentor, boss and finally business partner. He taught me everything I know and I was so blessed and thankful he was a part of my life for 33 years. There is a big piece missing in my life now, but I plan to carry on his work ethic in our business, which he dearly loved. He will continue to be in my heart always and the words that come to mind are thankful, grateful and blessed to have known this man.”

You can’t talk about MHS sports in the 1950s through today without Jack Brown’s name coming up.  Frank Rooks was a long-time friend and former teammate of his, “He was a real close friend and Jack Brown was a real good basketball player and a quarterback on the football team. He made the all-conference his senior year. He was a leader in everything he did, especially in football basketball. He was always a real good student. We went to see him a few days before he passed away and although he couldn’t talk, we got a couple of smiles out of him, just like he always had smiles for everyone. We are sure going to miss him. 

Robert Earl Standland holds fond memories and has a void left today because of the passing of Brown, “We were good friends, we went to high school double dated Studebaker and we could drive it on Friday and Saturday night.  Something I never let him forget is he gave me his measles one time. We had them two weeks apart and made me lose playing a few basketball games. Up until Hurricane Michael came, we had been eating at the oaks every Friday since I can’t remember when. His house was pretty torn up from the storm and they had been living in Tallahassee.  He’s sure going to be missed. 

Jackie Finlayson had memories from long ago, “He lived right around like a block or block and half from me. We spent a whole lot of time together.  He and I used to go to work for his dad. His dad had a large family owned farm and I helped him during the summer work on the farm. One time we went goose hunting. Jack sent me one place and him and his dad stayed at another place. They were coming right towards me and they couldn’t see me. I was just getting ready to shoot but they beat me to it so I missed my chance to get me a goose.  Jack was a fine man for sure.”

Andy McMullian has remained in contact with Jack since high school and was saddened by the news he had passed away, “We played football together and we had a good team. We tied for conference one year when we played together. We played basketball also.  He was a great quarterback and my last year he was quarterback, he was one of the best that ever come out of Marianna.”

Margaret Miller Curtis attended Marianna High School with Jack Brown and has remained friends with him since that time. She tells a different side of Brown, “Jack did me a favor once that I heard about from my cousin. One of the other football players, who was a real “meat head” had his mother ask my mother to let him take me on a date. I had no interest in him whatever, but Mother insisted I go. We went to a movie and when it was over, we came straight home. He was no talker, so it was a boring evening. Apparently, he wanted his football buddies to think it was something far from boring. He bragged about “making out” with me, but Jack told him he was a liar. “Margaret is not like that, you jerk!”  In Marianna in those days, to have a reputation of being “easy” was the kiss of death. Jack came to my defense, so I’ve been eternally grateful ever since. My first memory of Jack was when we were in either the 5th or 6th grade. We were playing tag at recess, girls trying to tag the boys, but none of us could ever catch Jack. Of course, there were some boys who wanted to get caught!”

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